Quick Hitch Awareness

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Quick Hitch Awareness

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Course Overview

  • Inspect quick hitch device for defects, report any if found.
  • Check attachment is compatible with quick hitch and machine, refer to manufacturers instruction.
  • The area is free from people or traffic, before attaching or detaching attachments.
  • The quick hitch devices is free of dirt or debris.
  • The attachment is positioned securely and correctly angled for attaching.
  • Couple attachment as per manufacturers instructions.
  • Test full operational capacity prior to working with the machine.
  • Visually check quick hitch device for full connection to attachment and machine.
  • Ensure no personnel are in the operation area of the machine.
  • Placed on a firm level ground with good access without the need for excessive travel or manoeuvres.
  • De-couple attachment as per manufacturers instruction.
  • Stored securely to prevent obstruction or accidents.

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