M.E.W.P Boom

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M.E.W.P Boom

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Course Overview

  • Have a basic understanding of the industry, the dangers of working in the industry and their responsibilities as a plant operator.
  • Have a working knowledge of the manufacturer’s handbook for the particular machine to be used, and be familiar with other types of information sources and relevant legislation.
  • Be able to locate and identify the major components of the machine and explain their functions. Also be able to locate and identify steering, driving and braking controls and explain their functions.
  • Conduct all pre-operational checks in accordance with manufacturer’s and legislative requirements.
  • Check all emergency lowering functions.
  • Safely mount and dismount the machine.
  • Configure the machine for travel and manoeuvre it safely on level/rough ground and inclines in open and confined areas.
  • Conduct all necessary safety checks at the work area, including overhead and underground hazards.
  • Manoeuvre the machine to the work area and correctly configure in readiness to carry out accessing tasks.
  • Carry out accessing tasks, at various points up to full operating height.
  • Travel with platform raised (where applicable).
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of loading and unloading procedures for machine transportation.
  • Carry out all end of shift and shut down procedures.

Course Duration

1 Day
4 Candidates

1 Day
10 Candidates

Experienced Worker Assessments
1 Day
6 Candidates